COVID-19 in Vietnam

Vietnam // 05 August, 2020

Over 672 cases and eight deaths. Growing cluster of cases in Da Nang City.

See the Vietnam Ministry of Health website (in Vietnamese) for more information about COVID-19 in Vietnam.

5 Aug: At least 224 cases are now linked to the cluster in Da Nang. The other areas where cases have been confirmed are in neighbouring Quang Nam Province, Ho Chi Minh, Dak Lak and Quang Ngai.  Cases have also been detected recently in Hanoi, Dong Nai, Thai Binh and Ha Nam. 

3 Aug:  Over the past four days, Vietnam has detected over 80 new cases and 4 more deaths. The Ministry of Health has identified Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Quang Nam province as high risk areas. 

31 July: The nation has reported its first deaths related to the virus, which reappeared this week. A 70-year-old patient in Da Nang had underlying health issues and died. Another fatality was reported in Quang Nam. The number of cases has risen to over 540. 

30 July: A further 21 cases have been confirmed in the last two days. All cases are linked to transmission in Da Nang Hospital, although some were not identified until the people returned to their homes in Hanoi.

The Prime Minister has announced measures to be taken to control the growing cluster in Da Nang city. Included are wearing masks in public areas and on public transport, contacts of cases being isolated immediately and increased testing.

28 July: Seven new cases were reported in Da Nang city and Quang Nam. The city of Da Nang has been closed to tourists for 14 days after confirming at least 15 locally transmitted cases.

25 July: A locally transmitted case has been detected after almost 100 days of no local transmission. Patient 416, a 57-year-old man apparently had no exposure to known cases.

16 July: The COVID-19 situation in Vietnam remains unchanged. The trend of occasional imported cases is expected to remain. Eight new cases imported from Russia were reported today.

19 June: Despite the end of the lock down, there does not appear to be any resurgence in cases of local spread after more than 60 days with no local transmission. The trend of occasional (imported) cases is expected to remain. Social restrictions in the country have eased however, mask-wearing is strongly encouraged in public. Domestic flights have resumed.

See May updates here.


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