COVID-19 in South Sudan

South Sudan // 23 October, 2020

At least 2,876 cases have been confirmed, and 56 deaths. For further information and updates, see the World Health Organization's South Sudan COVID-19 webpage.

See the South Sudan Ministry of Health Twitter handle

Emergency Call Centre's toll free number is 66-66

Status: Limited activity

23 October: Cases continue to be reported daily. The 14 day moving average shows an increase of nearly 50%. Three new infections in healthcare workers were also reported this week. According to public health officials there are 151 active cases.

15 October: A few cases continue to be recorded. Activity continues to be at limited levels.

8 October: COVID-19 activity continues to decline.

1 October: There has been a 43% decline in COVID-19 activity.

24 September: A few cases continue to be reported. Situation is largely unchanged.

18 September: At least 1,438 have recovered. Due to poor surveillance at entry points, imported cases are increasing in the country.

10 September: Few cases have been reported taking the total tally to 2,555 cases and 49 deaths. At least 1,290 people have recovered so far.

16 July: The number of cases reported has been on a decreasing trend, and South Sudan has moved into Limited Activity category reporting a minimal number of new cases per day (sporadic or small clusters).

7 July: New cases continue to be reported daily. The current total is 2,098 cases with 40 deaths. WHO and public health officials are reporting 1,234 active cases, with 824 people having recovered.

8 June: Additional cases have been confirmed taking the total to 1,604 with 19 deaths.

28 May: Cases have increased four-times since the previous update when 282 cases were reported. There are at least 600 active cases.

18 May: The first deaths from COVID-19 have been reported over the weekend, one was in Juba. The government and public health authorities continue to recommend social distancing and proper hygiene.

12 May: More than 150 cases have been confirmed as testing increases.

4 May: Forty-six cases have now been confirmed in South Sudan, with the first four cases occurring in UN workers. The majority of cases are in Juba, and some cases have been confirmed in Torit as well. The government is moving to increase testing, with a goal of 500 tests performed per week. Plans to require documentation specifying humanitarian workers are free of COVID-19 have been cancelled, however travel restrictions remain in place, and a 14 day quarantine period must be observed before further travel within South Sudan.

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