COVID-19 in Rwanda

Rwanda // 24 September, 2020

At least 4,738 cases and 27 deaths have been reported.

See the Rwanda Biomedical Center COVID-19 page. The national COVID-19 hotline number is 114.

Status: Decreasing Activity

24 September: The decrease continues and a fall of 38% in case activity was observed since last report.  

18 September: The cases continue to decrease since the last update and the decrease by about 38%. 

10 September: The number of new cases has been decreasing. The total number of cases is 4,460. Rwanda has moved out of Increasing Activity category and is now in Decreasing Activity.

4 September: The cases continue to increase accounting for 0.4% of the cases in the African region. Cases continue to be reported from the Kigali cluster. The case fatality rate is at 0.4%.

28 August: An increase of 137 percent in cases was recorded since last week.

20 August: Rwanda was one of the highest contributors of COVID-19 cases in African region this week. Over 300 cases and at least 3 deaths were recorded during last seven days.

6 August: The number of new cases have been on a decreasing trend. Rwanda has now moved out of Outbreak and into Decreasing Activity.

17 July: Cases continue to be reported taking the total case count to over 1,410 cases. Of this, 50 percent have recovered. Four deaths have been recorded so far. According to media sources, places of worship have been reopened in the country amid targeted lockdowns.

5 July: 1092 cases, two deaths and 523 recoveries have been reported. The most recent cases are from Kigali and Rusizi.

29 June: The country has reached outbreak level, with 1,001 confirmed cases. This includes two fatalities and 443 people who have recovered. The proportion of locally acquired cases has been increasing in June. An outbreak at the Ngoma prison has infected over 70 people, and is linked to the cluster at Rusumo. Males account for around 75% of all cases.

22 June: At least 59 new cases have been confirmed taking the total to 787 cases. The new cases were reported from Kirehe, Rusizi, Kigali, Nyamasheke and Rubavu.

19 June: Three new cases were reported, the lowest in three weeks.

16 June: Additional cases have been reported taking the total to 636 cases and two deaths. Cases continue to be reported from Rusizi cluster and repatriated Rwandans.

10 Jun: Both locally-acquired and imported cases continue to be detected, particularly in relation to clusters in Rusizi (bordering Democratic Republic of Congo) and Rusumo (bordering Tanzania). A total of 463 cases have been confirmed – with 303 (65%) imported and 160 (35%) local cases. Of the total cases two people have died and 300 have recovered. Males continue to be more affected, making up over 82% of cases. Face masks must be worn in public and in compounds where multiple families reside.

31 May: The country has confirmed the first COVID-19 related death along with a few additional cases. At least 250 cases have recovered while the others are reported to be in a stable condition.

23 May: There has been 321 confirmed cases of COVID-19. To date, 222 people have recovered. The number of active cases is 99. There has been no deaths reported.

12 May: More cases have been confirmed since the last update.

2 May: Further cases reported, a total of 249 cases confirmed. No deaths have been reported and 109 people have recovered. The border has been closed since 20 March.

25 April: At least 36 additional cases reported bringing the total to 183.

20 April: Three new cases were reported since the previous day, bringing the total to 147, all of which are in a stable condition.

7 April: More than 100 cases have been confirmed.

4 April: At least 5 new cases were reported on 3 April, bringing the total to 89.


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