COVID-19 in Peru, July

Peru // 31 July, 2020

At least 400,683 cases and 18,816 deaths. Outbreak status. See the Ministry of Health COVID-19 page.

Toll free 113, WhatsApp to +51-952-842-623

29 July: Cases continue to rise in the country with more than 5,000 cases reported in a day.

28 July: More confirmed cases and deaths have been reported. At least 2,270,717 tests have been conducted.

23 July: Additional cases confirmed taking the total to 371,096 cases and 17,654 deaths. Due to increase in cases healthcare facilities in some areas, including major cities, have been impacted.  

20 July: An average of more than 3,600 cases are reported per day. Indigenous population in the country remains affected with Ucayali region reporting the highest number of cases. There has been reports of more than 3,900 confirmed cases and at least 380 deaths across 31 indigenous groups in the Peruvian Amazon.

16 July: More than 2,003,000 people have been tested for COVID-19 in the country. Metropolitan Lima continues to report the highest numbers. Health authorities continue to recommend hygiene measures, social distancing and wearing of face masks.

13 July: Total case count is now at 330,123 and 12,054 deaths. Lima continues to report the highest number of cases. More than 1,943,600 samples have been tested so far.

9 July: Additional cases reported, a total of 316,448 cases and 11,314 deaths have been confirmed. 

6 July: COVID-19 cases are over 300,000. More than half the cases are reported in Lima. During the state of emergency, over 200 policemen have died from the virus.

2 July: Daily reported cases are on the decline but fatalities continue to increase taking the total to 10,045 deaths.

See the June updates here


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