COVID-19 in Indonesia, September

Indonesia // 30 September, 2020

At least 282,724 cases and 10,601 deaths.

See the Ministry of Health COVID-19 page (in Indonesian) for updates and the full list of locations reporting local transmission. The National COVID-19 hotline is 119 ext 9.

Status: Outbreak, cases increasing.

30 September: Cases continue to rise sharply, with over 4,000 cases confirmed in the last 24 hours. A total of 282,724 cases are confirmed, including 10,601 deaths and over 210,000 recoveries. The case Fatality Rate is around 3.7%.

Cases are increasing exponentially in provinces across northern Sumatra, where local transmission has recently been identified. An increasing number of public servants in Jakarta have been infected.

25 September: Cases have been increasing by around 4,000 new cases each day, with around 30% of these from Jakarta. Many clusters are also being reported in Central Java. Since 14 September, more than 100 new deaths have been reported on a daily basis. A total of 262,022 cases and 10,105 deaths have been confirmed. At least 115 doctors are included in the fatalities. Over 191,850 people have recovered.

20 September: A new high in daily cases was reported with over 4000 cases reported in a single day. The number of fatalities also increased by at least 112 deaths. 

17 September: Jakarta continued to report an average of over 1,000 new daily cases in the last week. Cases have also been climbing across Java. A total of 232,628 cases have been confirmed, of which 9,222 people have died and 166,686 have recovered.

Partial lockdowns, known as large-scale social restrictions, were reinstated in the capital city on 14 September, for at least two weeks. There are 13 hospitals solely dedicated to COVID-19 patients, and the President has announced (in Indonesian) additional isolation and quarantine centers are being opened up.

The World Health Organization is assisting the county to conduct a serological study in over 10,000 people across 17 provinces. This will help to understand who has SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and the proportion of asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic people in the community.

11 September: The country recorded a record high of 3,861 new cases in the last 24 hours. A total of 207,203 cases have been confirmed, which includes over 8,450 fatalities. This includes at least 183 health worker deaths.

Large-scale social restrictions will be reinforced in Jakarta following surging cases in the capital city in recent weeks. A trial of convalescent plasma began in four hospitals across Java on 8 September, with an additional 20 hospital sites across the country to begin later.

7 September: Cases continue to increase. For five days in a row the country has reported over 3,000 new daily cases, with Jakarta reporting over 1,000 new cases on several days in the last week. Clusters in factories in Java are ongoing. A total of 196,989 cases have been confirmed, of which 8,130 people have died and over 140,650 people have recovered. Males account for at least 56.6% of the deaths, with hypertension and diabetes the two most common comorbidities.

2 September: Cases continue to surge, with two record high days in late August with over 3,000 new daily cases confirmed. Jakarta continues to be a hotspot for transmission again with government hospitals reported to be under strain. Cases also continue to rise across East Java, West Java and South Sulawesi. Transmission among schools children is a concern due to multi-generational household structures exposing elderly people to the disease. In total, there have been 177,571 cases and 7,505 deaths. Over 128,000 people have recovered.


See the August updates for Indonesia here.


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