Congo DRC // 24 July, 2020

At least 8,767 cases and 201 deaths; limited activity. See the See Ministry of Health COVID-19 bulletins (in French).

24 July: The total number of cases is now 8,767 with 201 deaths. At least 5,109 people have recovered. The most affected region is Kinshasa with 7,427 cases.

21 July: The number of new cases have been on a downward trend, and DRC has moved into Limited Activity category reporting a minimal number of new cases per day (sporadic or small clusters).

18 July: Since the last update, at least 79 new cases and one death have been confirmed. The new cases were reported in Kinshasa (63), North Kivu (12) and Ituri (4).

15 July: Overall, there has been a decline in the number of daily confirmed cases. About 4,000 patients have recovered. At least 14 provinces are affected and Kinshasa continues to record the highest number of cases. Conflict and unrest prevent people from getting timely treatment.

10 July: 59 new cases have been reported, 43 of which were in Kinshasa. No new deaths were recorded. Kinshasa remains the most affected region with at least 6,740 cases.

2 July: More than 7,039 cases, including 169 deaths and 1,801 recoveries have been recorded. 2.2 percent of the affected population are healthcare workers with 1,158 cases.

17 June: The latest Ministry of Health bulletin has confirmed 137 new cases of COVID-19 with no additional deaths. Kinshasa remains by far the most affected province with 4,480 documented cases so far.

27 May: Additional cases reported taking the total to 2,403 and 67 deaths.

20 May: More cases have been reported, resulting in a total of over 1,400 cases.

5 May: Cases continue to increase, bringing the total to 705 cases. The most affected region is Kinshasa with 675 cases.

27 Apr: A total of 471 cases confirmed, of which 30 people have died and 56 people have recovered. Matadi city in Kongo Centrale province has reported its first COVID-19 cases - the two people are already in isolation. Six provinces have now been affected by this pandemic: Kinshasa (456 cases), North Kivu (5), South Kivu (4), Ituri (2), Kongo Central (2), Haut-Katanga (1) and Ituri (1). A local cluster of cases has been identified is Lemba health zone in Kinshasa, with seven cases confirmed so far.

22 April: Cases in 5 provinces. New cases localised in Kinshasa.

14 April: Kinshasa remains the most affected of the five provinces with 242 cases. South Kivu has reported another 2 cases, with a total of 4 cases,

9 April: There are five provinces that have reported confirmed cases:
Kinshasa - 203 cases
North Kivu - 5 cases
South Kivu - 2 cases
Ituri - 2 cases
Kwilu - 1 case

6 April: A total of 180 cases have been confirmed; 18 deaths and 9 recoveries are reported. The commune of Gombe in Kinshasa has been the hotspot of transmission recently and has been placed in a lock down.


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