COVID-19 in Austria, September

Austria // 25 September, 2020

The Austrian Ministry of Health has reported at least 41,845 cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 across the country with at least 786 deaths. Corona Traffic Light (Corona-Ampel) site can be found here (in German). More information on the Stopp Corona App from the Austrian Red Cross can be found here.

Status: Outbreak

25 September: The number of active cases has increased to 8,413, though the majority remain unhospitalised. Public health authorities are reporting 78 people in intensive care units, and just over 330 people are hospitalised outside of intensive care units. The Corona-Ampel has been updated. There are now nearly 20 districts in the orange level of high risk. Many more districts have been upgraded from green to yellow, the level of moderate risk. At this time no districts are in the red, the highest level of risk.

22 September: The active case count has risen to 8,220, and the infection rate continues to increase. The majority of the active cases remain unhospitalised. Public health authorities announced they will be increasing restrictions with regards to mask use and public gatherings. Details of the changes to restrictions can be found here (in German). The Corona-Ampel remains unchanged at his time and was last updated on 18 September.

18 September: The trend has continued to increase rapidly. Daily case counts have doubled in the last two weeks. The Corona-Ampel site has been updated. Numerous districts are now at the yellow level and eight districts are now at the orange level. Orange is the second highest risk rating. Public health authorities have designated yellow to mean medium risk, with moderate cases, primarily in clusters. Orange indicates high risk, an accumulation of cases, no longer predominantly in clusters. There are no red districts at this time. Red indicates very high risk with uncontrolled outbreaks and widespread distribution. The total number of active cases in the country now stands at 7,447, an increase of nearly 2,000 in 4 days.

14 September: Case counts are on the rise. The trend has been increasing since early August. The numbers are now reaching similar levels to what was seen in March. Public health authorities are reporting a further increase in active cases over the weekend bringing the number to 5,744. From the Corona-Ampel site for Austria, there are now 7 districts in yellow, none in red. The yellow districts include: Innsbruck-Stadt, Schwaz, Kufstein, Graz, Weiner Neustadt, Wien (Vienna), and Korneuburg. There are no red districts at this time.

10 September: The rate of new cases has increased significantly in the last few days. 636 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours, the highest in a single day since 28 March. Active cases have increased to 4,456, though of these only 205 are hospitalised. Public health authorities are indicating nearly 700 Intensive Care Unit beds and 7,327 regular beds are available throughout the country. An app called Stopp Corona is now available through the Austrian Red Cross (in German). It is available for both iOS and Android.

8 September: New cases continue to be reported daily, and the trend continues to increase. The number of active cases has increased over the weekend to 3,705. The Corona Traffic Light is currently mostly green (lowest risk level), with minimal areas of yellow (medium risk). Vienna is within one of the yellow areas. The other three areas of yellow today include the Kufstein, Graz and Linz districts. There are no areas of orange or red level risk at this time.

4 September: New cases continue to be reported daily. Overall daily case rates have increased over the last month by approximately 33%. Active cases have increased to 3,481. The Ministry of Health has launched a “Corona Traffic Light” site (in German) with the aim to display regional clusters and assess risk by region. It also intends to show the population about possible measures that will be taken. The information and risk assessment for the Corona Traffic Light is based on current information at the federal, state, and district level.

There are four criteria:

  • Portability (cases): 7-day incidence (number of cases within the past 7 days)
  • Source search (cluster): Proportion of cases whose source has been clarified
  • Resources (in health care): Occupancy of hospital beds
  • Tests: Number of tests over the past 7 days

There is an FAQ available here (in German).

1 September: Since mid-August there has been an increase in daily case counts. 450 new cases were reported on 20 August, the largest number in a single day since early April. The Ministry of Health is reporting a total of 3,343 active cases at this time. Landeck district, in the southwest, is the most heavily affected district at this time based on population, though Vienna city has the highest absolute case count, currently 8,040.

Click here for August updates.


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