COVID-19 in Bulgaria

Bulgaria // 20 October, 2020

At least 30,527 cases and 1,008 deaths.

See the Ministry of Health COVID-19 news page and the national COVID-19 website.

Status: Outbreak

20 October: At least 1,024 new cases were confirmed in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 30,527. From 22 October, it will be mandatory to wear face masks outdoors until the end of November or until a decrease in the number of new cases is observed.

17 October: Cases continue to sharply rise, with a new daily record of 998 cases in the last 24 hours and 914 cases the day before. The capital, Sofia, is a current hotspot for transmission. A total of 28,505 cases have been confirmed, including 958 fatalities and over 16,870 recoveries. At least 1,450 people are currently hospitalised and 1,520 healthcare workers have been infected.

23 September: The declining trend has plateaued and averages of 130 new daily cases are reported. A total of 19,123 cases have been confirmed. Of these there are 767 deaths and over 13,740 recoveries. More than 1,050 healthcare workers have been infected. Sofia remains the most affected, with over 5,000 cases.

28 August: Cases have been declining since a peak in mid-July. There have been a total of 15,908 cases and 594 deaths. More than 11,000 people have recovered. At least 866 healthcare workers have been infected. The nationwide State of Emergency has been extended until at least 30 September.

7 July: Cases continue to be detected, with over 1,000 new cases in the last week. A total of 5,914 cases have been confirmed, of which 250 people have died and 3,000 people have recovered. At least 448 infections of healthcare workers have been detected. Sofia City and Region are the most affected.

The nationwide epidemic has been extended until the end of July, however most restrictions have already been lifted.

14 May: Cases continue to increase, and the total has exceeded 2,000 cases.

22 April: More cases continue to be reported, bringing the total to 1,015 cases, including 47 deaths.

7 April: Cases continue to be reported, a total of 565 cases. Of these 42 have recovered and 22 people have died. Over 30 medical staff have been infected.

30 March: The total number of cases has increased to at least 354, including at least six new fatalities.

23 March: Additional cases have been confirmed, bringing the total number of cases to 190.

16 March: More cases have been reported, including one death.

13 March: Additional cases have been reported, resulting in a total of 23 cases in Bulgaria, including one death in a 66-year-old woman.


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