Communication tools

Pandemic Information Subscribers can download the following communication tools.

The Employee Briefing is a summary of the MERS-CoV situation, some FAQs, background and general precautions to take if travelling to the Middle East.

MERS-CoV Employee Briefing 15 May 2014

English [PDF 107KB]
Urdu [PDF 230KB]

MERS-CoV basic prevention information handout

English [PDF 214KB]
Arabic [PDF 1.1MB]
Hindi [PDF 1MB]
Filipino [PDF 1MB]
Urdu [PDF 930KB]

MERS-CoV awareness poster

English [PDF 2.2MB]
Arabic [PDF 2.2MB]
Filipino [PDF 2.2MB]
Hindi [PDF 2.2MB]
Urdu [PDF 2.3MB]

Flu vaccination

Flu vaccine campaign material

POSTER Flu Vaccination Facts [PDF 284KB]
LEAFLET Flu Vaccination Facts (A4) [PDF 2MB]
LEAFLET Flu Vaccination Facts (US Letter) [PDF 2MB]
LEAFLET Flu Vaccination Campaign (A4) [PDF 234KB]
LEAFLET Flu Vaccination Campaign (US Letter) [PDF 2.1MB]
Flu Vaccination Consent Form (A4) [PDF 169KB]
Flu Vaccination Consent Form (US Letter) [PDF 2MB]

Flu prevention posters

POSTER Prevention - Cough etiquette [PDF 39KB]
POSTER Prevention - Seasonal Flu version 1 [PDF 1.1MB]
POSTER Prevention - Seasonal Flu version 2 [PDF 1.6MB]
POSTER Prevention - Hand-washing [PDF 112KB]
POSTER Prevention - Keep it Clean [PDF 55KB]
POSTER Prevention - Don't Spread Sickness [PDF 100KB]
POSTER Is it a cold or the flu? [PDF 45KB]

Bird Flu in China Employee Briefing

Bird flu in China Employee Briefing

English [PDF 45KB]

Bird Flu Poster

Bird flu poster

English [PDF 45KB]