COVID-19 in Hong Kong, July

Hong Kong (China SAR) // 30 July, 2020

At least 3,003 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, including 24 deaths.

Visit the Centre for Health Protection Press Releases and the Government Coronavirus website for more information.

30 July: The total number of cases have exceeded 3,000 with 118 new cases. This was the eighth consecutive day that the daily reported cases surpassed 100. The total death toll has reached 24. Hong Kong fears that hospital systems could face collapse due to the sharp rise in cases.

27 July: 145 new cases were reported, three of which were imported. Two further deaths have been confirmed. Hong Kong has banned gatherings of more than two people and eating in restaurants. Restaurants will still be allowed to serve takeaway meals. Wearing face masks in public areas, including outdoors, will be made mandatory. These measures will begin to take effect on Wednesday, are it is the first time that dining in restaurants will be completely banned.

26 July: An additional 133 cases have been confirmed, of which at least 126 are locally-acquired. The source of infection in about 55 patients is unclear. Authorities have expressed their concern on rising case numbers and urged the public to stay indoors, wear a mask in indoor public areas and while using transport. Voluntary and free testing has been extended from taxi drivers to further include public light bus drivers. Clinics are distributing specimen bottles to the public. Those who think they have been exposed or are experiencing mild symptoms can collect their deep throat saliva samples for testing. This programme is likely to run for four weeks.

24 July: Public health authorities announced a further 123 new cases today. Among these new cases only eight had a positive travel history during the incubation period. Some of the locally acquired cases involved residents and staff at the Salvation Army Lung Hang Residence for Senior Citizens in Sha Tin. All staff and residents of the care home will be quarantined. Public health authorities are working to determine the best method to accomplish this since residents may have special care needs.

23 July: The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) announced today that a further 118 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. The age range of the new cases is from 3 years of age to 92 years of age. Seven of the new cases had positive travel history during the incubation period.

22 July: An additional 113 cases are being investigated, 11 of which had travelled during the incubation period. Contact tracing is underway. Public health authorities have also announced that starting 22 July, “compulsory quarantine for 14 days in accordance with the Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong Regulation (Cap. 599C) and the Compulsory Quarantine of Persons Arriving at Hong Kong from Foreign Places Regulation (Cap. 599E), are required to collect and submit their deep throat saliva samples on the tenth day of the quarantine period for the second round of COVID-19 testing, so that testing results can be completed before the end of the 14-day compulsory quarantine.”

20 July: 108 new cases were reported, 25 of which were imported. All schools and kindergartens will be closed until 17 August. Social distancing measures will be extended further from 22 to 28 July. Restaurants must not exceed 50% capacity, and a maximum of only four people can sit together at one table. Bars and pubs must be closed. Gatherings of more than four people in public areas remain prohibited. The government has planned to use AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) as an isolation facility to transfer those in elderly homes in case of future outbreaks.

17 July: 67 new cases were reported, four of which were imported. Hong Kong has confirmed its 10th COVID-19 death two days ago. The government has announced that the free COVID-19 testing services by the Department of Health are for patients in public hospitals and general out-patient clinics, so that those with symptoms will be encouraged to take the test as soon as possible.

14 July: 52 new cases were reported, and the 8th death was confirmed. Schools are expected to complete all necessary examinations as soon as possible so students can start their summer vacations at the earliest. On-campus extracurricular activities will be suspended from 15 July to 28 July, and students are not to return to school unless absolutely necessary. Leisure and cultural facilities will be closed from 15 July until further notice. Social distancing measures will be tightened and wearing face masks will be mandatory from 15 July.

12 July: Today another 38 cases were confirmed which includes 30 that were acquired locally. The source of infection for thirteen people is unknown. People who develop symptoms, particularly around Kowloon East, are encouraged to get tested right away. Over 200 people are currently hospitalised and the Hospital Authority has stated they will increase beds available for COVID-19 patients. A total of 1,470 cases have now been reported in Hong Kong.

11 July: A further 28 cases were confirmed, of which 16 were locally acquired. The Communicable Disease Branch Head of the Centre for Health Protection says that the current situation is serious with impacts for the general public. She states “we have many cases without a definite source of infection and they cannot be linked to any imported cases. There are outbreaks affecting restaurants, elderly homes, some students are affected and also certain areas and some housing estates - they have more than one case.” To prevent further spread in the community people are being asked to stay home as much as possible and take personal precautionary measures for infection control.

10 July: 38 new cases were reported, only six of which were imported. All schools will be suspended from Monday due to spike in local transmission of the virus.

9 July: A further 42 cases were confirmed, of which 34 were acquired locally. They include 27 males and 15 females ranging from 3 months to 95 years old. Many of these latest cases are asymptomatic and have been identified through contact tracing. For all the local cases, identified contacts as well as all the residents who live in the same buildings will be tested. There are now 149 people in hospital, two of whom are in critical condition.

8 July: 24 new cases have been confirmed, 19 of which were local infections. Six of the local cases were related to two restaurants where clusters have been identified, and eight were related to a residential care home.

6 July: Ten new cases were reported, eight of which were imported and two were local. This was the first local cases reported since mid June.

2 July: Nine new cases were reported in the last 24 hours.

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